Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday

To our 42" Aquos LCD Hi Def TV. It's been a great year, buddy. I look forward to a wonderful 2008 with you. See you in 5 minutes!

16 and OH

This catch was the greatest regular season play I can remember. I lost it. Literally went bazerko when Moss hauled this in, one play after dropping the ball. Unforunately, it was just me and Scooter, watching (Scooter = my daughter's musical toy that scoots across the floor)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Champs Sports Bowl MVP

The selection of Matt Ryan is not very exciting and way too predictable, plus take away the 2 longer TD's and the rest of the game was 20 for 45 with 150 yards.

Jamie Silva would have been a decent choice with 2 picks, a few nice punt returns, and a decent amount of tackles.

However, MY selection for the Game MVP is Rich Gunnell. 2 big scores that we REALLY needed, both on great catches, and overall lead the team in both catches and yards by a landslide.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bowl Game Update - Erik vs. Scott

We didn't post our picks, so you'll have to trust us. Through last night: Erik is 4-3 ATS and and 4-3 against the total. That gives him 8 points. His first wild card pick was Central Michigan, and that did not pan out.

Quick sidebar: What is on the line is a gift at the Maryland gift store (if I win) or the BC gift store (if he wins) with a 20 "jelly beans" limit, we've selected each game, the over/under in each game, and then chose 3 wild cards where you need to select an underdog to win outright. You get bonus points based on the line. Fact: This is a kick ass pool that I want to break out next year to the masses (legally for no money). Each game and o/u = 1 point, each BCS game = 2 points and the championship game = 3 points.

So, anyway, Erik has 8 points.
I, have 6 points, as I have gone a brutal 1-6 ATS, but 5-2 against the total.

I'll give you the games through the weekend and come back Sunday with an update for the New Years Eve and New Years games:

ASU +3, O62
BC -4, O56
Houston +4.5, O60
Maryland +5, O48 - Maryland is my first wild card for 5 points
Wake -2.5, U48.5
C Florida -3, U57
Penn St. -5, O51.5
Colorado +3.5, O52 - Colorado is my second wild card for 4 points

ASU +3, O62
BC -4, O56
Houston +4.5, O60
Md +5, U48
UCONN +2.5, O48.5
Miss St +3, O57
PSU -5, O51.5
Bama -3.5, U52

Erik's last two wild cards are Fresno and Georgia Tech. My other one is a biggie: Ball State

Friday, December 21, 2007

1991 Skins

So Simmons puts Mark Rypien in the good QBs from the 90s group in his column today. But a few months ago, he refused to put the 1991 Skins on his top teams of the past 25 years because "come on, its Mark Rypien". Which is it dude? The 91 skins started 12-0, and were 14-1 and sat everyone the last game, and they steamrolled through the playoffs and Super Bo, as Joe Jacoby would say. If that wasnt one of the best teams of the past 25 years, then i dont know football. They SHUT OUT 3 TEAMS in SEPTEMBER. How often has that ever happened.

1991 Skins

Whatever, this rant is over. Why am I even mad about this.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Go Away

Now he's going to try to steal Pioli...

By the way, LOL at this picture.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The First Annual All Mitchell Team

This team is loaded.

SP - Roger Clemens
SP - Andy Pettite
SP - Kevin Brown
SP - Denny Neagle
SP - Paul Byrd
CP - Eric Gagne
Other Relievers - They're all the same. We'll take Josias Manzanillo because you have to have a random Latin reliever if you want to be successful. I'll take Rocker from the left side, and former Red Sox prospect Paxton Crawford can be our long reliever

The starting lineup

CF - Nails Dykstra
2B - Brian Roberts
LF - Barry Bonds
SS - Miguel Tejada
1B - Mo Vaughn
RF - Gary Sheffield
DH - Jason Giambi
3B - Ken Caminiti (dead guys count)
C - Paul Lo Duca

Notice the L-S-L-R-L-R-L-S-R action going on there. I feel like Francona. You can't match up your lefty specialist on us, god dammit! We'll make you pay. And you know what, just try to bring in your lefty specialist to get Giambi out, I'm countering with Troy Glaus!

OF - David Justice
IF/OF - Chuck Knoblauch
PR - Nook Logan
1B - Raffy Palmeiro
3B - Troy Glaus
C - Greg Zaun (seems like a solid back up catcher)


thanks Dad

Quote that might have happened

"Hey, its Butros Butros Bross!"
- Menschel, Denton Hall, 1997

Classic Quotes

"Yea, I'll take a dozen beers."
-Boltz, Denton Hall, 1997


Rocky McIntosh = torn ACL, torn MCL, out for this year and most if not all of next year. If you're scoring at home, that is the 3rd defensive starter the Skins of have lost not just for 2007, but likely most or all of 2008 as well -- McIntosh, Carlos Rogers, Sean Taylor (RIP). In the case of Rogers, he sucks so I'm not losing any sleep over it. Taylor is a whole other situation. But McIntosh turned into a Grade A linebacker in his first year as starter. Add in the QB, starting tackle and starting guard going down w/ season ending injuries earlier this year, and this is turning into a nightmare. At least we have a lot of cap room coming up this year......

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Racist Shopper

So the salesguy at Olympia Sports must totally think I'm racist. (note: he is African-American, I am not)

He comes to help me and I'm looking at a Wes Welker (strike 1) jersey for my nephew. I tell him I want a Small, but I can't get this one because there is a stain on it. He helps me look through.

Salesman: I have Moss in a small!
Erik: Eh... I don't want to get Moss (strike 2). I don't know if he'll be on the team next year.
Salesman: Oh Moss? He'll DEFINITELY be on the team.
Erik: Well he only signed a one year deal, so....

Then I sorta find out that the Welker small is a size 4, and the Moss small is a size 8. No idea, I know. Call me when my non-existent kids are in Jr High I might then have an idea about these number sizes. Anyway, I'm playing through and discover a Welker jersey that is a Medium aka size 5-6. Lookie here. So we compare and do determine the medium is smaller than that Moss Small/Size 8. So I'm a little thrown off but I'm a quick learner so I think I can pull off this Welker.

Finally I ask, "Got any Brady?"

And there's strike 3 folks. Welker, okay Moss, no. Brady, okay. Hmmmmmmm. But really, my nephew wouldn't know anyone besides Brady. He's 3. So they didn't have Brady so I got the Welker. If I find a Brady somewhere I can return this. Welker is cool, but will the kid have any idea - who knows. Moss,I swear I'm being truthful about concerns he will sign somewhere else next year. He is playing so well, that his market value will skyrocket and when do the Pats ever shell out for that? I don't remember Welker's deal but I hope there's a few years on it. He'll be around.

I was tempted to throw out one more name to cover my tracks like "Got any Randall Gay jerseys?" but I paid the man and was on my way.

ps Amazing they didn't have Brady. They must just be out. I'd almost expect them to have no player besides Brady. I saw Welker & Moss, Bruschi, Maroney, and Adalius Thomas in various non-small sizes. I hit two different Olympia's, a Foot Locker, a Kids Foot Locker, a TJ Maxx, and a Marshalls.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

And There Go The Cowboys!!

Looking like a Packers - Patriots rematch

You're Welcome, CJ

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


sorry Pennsylvania...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Nice 36 points & 8 boards for Craig Smith tonight vs the Wiz!

Wu-Tang Clan

Released Eight Diagrams today, which sounds like it will probably be their last, judging by the amount of complaining about each other they have been doing since recording was finished. So in honor of that, my top 40 Wu-Tang tracks of all time are below. Only rule was it had to be an original Wu-Tang or solo album (none of the offshoot groups, which I like but are an acquired taste). In no particular order:

Ain't Nothin' Ta Fuck Wit -- Wu-Tang Clan
C.R.E.A.M. --Wu-Tang Clan
Can It Be All So Simple -- Wu-Tang Clan
Da Mystery Of Chessboxin' -- Wu-Tang Clan
Protect Ya Neck --Wu-Tang Clan
Shame On A N*gga -- Wu-Tang Clan
Fast Shadow -- Wu-Tang Clan
For Heaven's Sake -- Wu-Tang Clan
Heaterz -- Wu-Tang Clan
Triumph -- Wu-Tang Clan
Visionz -- Wu-Tang Clan
The Abduction -- Wu-Tang Clan
Shaolin Worldwide -- Wu-Tang Clan
Third World -- Wu-Tang Clan
N.Y.C. Everything -- RZA
Criminology -- Raekwon the Chef
Glaciers of Ice -- Raekwon the Chef
Guillotine (Swords) -- Raekwon the Chef
Incarcerated Scarfaces -- Raekwon the Chef
Verbal Intercourse -- Raekwon the Chef
Brooklyn Zoo -- Ol' Dirty Bastard
Damage -- Ol' Dirty Bastard
Snakes --Ol' Dirty Bastard
Bring The Pain -- Method Man
Dangerous Grounds -- Method Man
Mr. Sandman -- Method Man
Party Crasher --Method Man
Release Yo' Delf --Method Man
Suspect Chin N*ggas -- Method Man
Apollo Kids -- Ghostface Killah
Assassination Day -- Ghostface Killah
Black Jesus -- Ghostface Killah
Daytona 500 -- Ghostface Killah
Fish -- Ghostface Killah
Winter Warz -- Ghostface Killah
Wu Banga 101 -- Ghostface Killah
Duel Of The Iron Mic -- Genius/GZA
Shadowboxin' -- Genius/GZA
4th Chamber -- Genius/GZA
Liquid Swords -- Genius/GZA

Fact: Bill Walton is Amazing

Not going to go into all the reasons here, but if you don't like Bill Walton, there is a good chance I don't like you. This was posted today on the MD board by "Wisconsin Terp":

"I mentioned in my report from Kansas City that I ran into Bill Walton outside the entrance to the college hall of fame induction. I talked to him for about a minute and asked him to sign a business card for my store Sunshine Daydream to hang on our wall of fame at the store. He pulled out one of his business cards, said to email him and he would send some good stuff for the store.

reply email:

Thanks, Happy Thanksgiving, I’ll get something out to you next week as I’ve been on the road since early Oct, all the best, Aiko !!! Aiko !!!! BW

Box came today:

1) Autographed full size basketball

2) Autographed record breaking walton gang Sports Illustrated cover.

3) Autographed Grateful Dead Hall of Honor poster

4) Autographed sheet with a picture of all of his S.I. covers

5) Autographed Celtics picture sheet

6) Autographed UCLA picture sheet

7) Autographed 2007 NBA finals program

8) Autographed legends of baketball luncheon program"

It's Time for My Annual Review...

of the NFL QB situation. Let's rank 'em 1 to 32, shall we. You'll notice a disturbing trend after the top 8 to 10. My ranking system is based on my eyes and opinions only, and in what I would want in a QB.

1 - Brady
2 - Manning
3 - Romo
(I don't think we can debate the top 3)
4 - Favre
5 - Big Ben. Not what I'm looking for when it comes to accuracy and handling the elements, but he's clearly a "cerebral" quarterback and a leader. I'd choose him over the next guy.
6 - Palmer
7 - Hasselbeck
8 - Brees
9 - Garrard. I like this guy. What's not to like about a guy who doesn't throw interceptions. That said, I'm ready for him to win a big game that would elevate him. They've lost twice to the Colts this season, though in fairness, he got knocked out of the first game.
10 - Garcia. What's not to like about this guy. He's sort of like Roethlisberger in a way. It's not prototypical, but it gets the job done.
11 - Jason Campbell. I don't hate him. I like what he brings to the table
12 - Kitna. This is where it's starting to get dicey...
13 - Eli Manning. See what I mean. It's starting to get into serious "meh" category. We've reached the point of the list where I can't see these guys ever winning a Super Bowl.
14 - Jay Cutler. I suppose he's got upside. Seems to be improving.
15 - D. Anderson. Who knew?
16 - Bulger. A terrible season
17 - P. Rivers. Ugh.
18 - Schaub. I don't know.
19 - McNabb. It's safe to say that next season he'll either be out of a starting job or even further down this list. He's a mobile QB who can't move.
20 - V. Young. I'm not seeing it. He only has 7 TDs this season. That's not good.
21 - K. Clemens
22 - The Warner/Leinart situation. It'd be higher if it were Leinart, and we were convinced he might be good. But it's lower because Warner is like 50.
23 - T. Jackson. At least he's a guy you can point to as a starter in the NFL. The rest of this list gets very ugly.
24 - JP Losman/Trent Edwards. Well, they're not killing their team, I guess.
25 - The Falcon situation. At least they'll be getting Brohm or Matt Ryan, which automatically moves them up the list.
26 - The Raider situation. We haven't seen Future Bust Jamarcus Russell yet, so this situation is actually better than...
27 - The Cheifs situation. Brodie Croyle?? Damon Huard?? Seriously??
28 - The Ravens situation. Kyle Boller? Troy Smith? Steve McNair?? We're polishing turds at this point.
29 - The Bears. Rex Grossman at least was a starting QB for a Super Bowl participant. This just shows you what I think of the Bears when I rank the Ravens and Chiefs ahead of them. Yikes. You could argue the 23 through 27 teams, and I probably wouldn't argue back.
30 - The Panthers situation. I don't even know what this situation is. I've got to assume Delhomme's days are pretty much over. That leaves them with what? David Carr? Some other guy...?
31 - The Dolphins situation. Cleo Lemon, John Beck, Cleo Lemon, John Beck, Puke in my mouth.
32 - Alex Smith. The 49ers are hopeless, and we Pats fans salute their ineptitude.

National High School Hoops Festival recap

Went to the National High School Hoops Festival on Sunday to watch a few games, specifically St. Frances with Maryland commit Sean Mosley, and the American Christian/Patterson matchup of the nation's #2 and #3 prep teams. The tourney was held in the boonies of PG County, at Wise HS, which had easily the best gym I've ever seen at a high school. The gym, which holds 5,000 people, was easily better than the Smith Center at GWU or the gyms at American Universtiy or Towson or Catholic U.

The first game pitted St. Frances (Baltimore) against Paul VI (Northern VA). The game itself was pretty worthless, with the refs calling it really tight and Mosley picking up his 4th foul in the third quarter. He ended up with 14 pts on some assorted mid range jumpers, threes, and free throws. It doesn't help that the rest of the team is pretty terrible, with the exception of their freshman point guard Ronald Williams. The guy is only about 5'7", rail thin with floppy dreads, but he was everywhere, finishing in the lane, grabbing boards in side, blocking shots, throwing his body around. If he grows he could be a big time recruit, but even if he doesn't the worse case scenario would be a guy who ends up tearing up the A-10 or the MAC.

Other than that, there wasn't much interesting about the game. Mark Karcher is now an assistant for SFA. Terps assistants Chuck Driesell and Joe Harrington were there watching Mosley. Someone needs to tell Harrington the old man jeans, rumpled golf hat, and windbreaker look isn't impressing any 16 and 17 year old brothers. If you're going to recruit look the part. Not to mention, he looked dazed as hell walking around the gym, like he needed help finding the bathroom.

Sean Mosley

Second game between American Christian and Patterson was equally terribly reffed. At one point there were four 5-second dribbling violations in 8 possesions, which was too bad because both squads were stacked. American Christian had Tyreke Evans, a 6'7" small forward and the #6 overall player in the nation according to Rivals.

Tyreke Evans

I actually was underwhelmed by his overall game. His handle is sick, and he can finish like swimwear but his shot is pretty much garbage, or at least it was against the Patterson zone. His left hand is high up on the ball, and he falls away in a Vince Carter routine on every shot. Having said that, he had a couple sick drives, and ended up with 33. The backcourt was made up of Jeremiah Kelly (DePaul commit) and Lamont "Mo-Mo" Jones (Louisville commit). Jones banged a three of the bat and proceed to begin talking shit to the Patterson bench non-stop. The game also featured the always classic move of two different AC players taking instructions from random brothers in the stands, during the middle of a play. Most impressive player on the floor was probably Courtney Fortson from Patterson, point guard, about 5'11" with long dreads, who I believe ended up with 30 points. He is headed to Arkansas next year, and was putting down reverses and throws off the backboard in warmups like it was his job. Patterson won 99-95 in overtime.

Monday, December 10, 2007

NBA shorts

The NBA is the only major professional sport where the athletes wear shorts. And for some reason it is impossible to find NBA style shorts in stores. Rediculous. There's 50,000 knockoff jerseys but 0 shorts in every store.

So then if you go the official route, its $109. How can anyone honestly charge $109 for a pair of shorts. Its the same from or from Dicks Sporting Goods. I mean $109 for shorts that are no different from any generic lacrosse shorts that run $18.

Thoughts and Questions

- I love when there is a huge fight in the world of boxing. All of a sudden, you start reading about the "Fight of the Year" and of course, I'm a huge sports nut, but my first reaction was "Who is Hatten? Is he white?" I know nothing about boxing, just like most people know nothing. But it just takes one big, huge card to make all the "fight experts" to come out of the woodwork. All sorts of people have an opinion all of a sudden, like they've been watching boxing every week for the past 15 years on Showtime. Please. What happened was, HBO comes out with what is probably an intersting documentary on the big fight, they make it a weekly show based on their training regimens, and then all of a sudden Joe Boxing is explaining how Floyd Mayweather is the best pound for pound fighter in the world. And you know what? How would I know? How does he know? How does anyone know?

- Isiah Thomas will keep his job for the time being. Next, we'll hear he's getting a raise.

- Eric Gagne, $10 million for 1 year from the Brewers. That's more annually than Tom Brady, and to put that in perspective even further, Eric Gagne really, truly sucks. What would he have earned if he was good? A-Rod money? Honestly, what kind of ship are the Brewers running over there? They don't have any low salaried top prospects who could fill that role? Save your money, and spend it wisely.

- Eric Gagne could conceivably make more this season than the entire Florida Marlins.

- You gotta love the Pats. They say all week how they could care less about what Anthony Smith said. All the comments from the Patriots were following the company line: "We do our talking on the field, not through the media." Or my favorite: "Who is Anthony Smith?" What a numbskull. And you know the Patriots were dying to remind him at every single opportunity yesterday.

- By my count, professional Boston baseball, football and basketball teams have lost a total of three games since my daughter was born. I'm not counting game 3 of the ALCS, since she was born after Dice-K gave up the homer to Kenny Lofton. The Sox lost Game 4, and the Celtics have run off 16 of 18, with their two losses being in overtime and the other by one point (both on the road).

- Dwight Howard, NBA MVP. He's what Shaq was 10 years ago. Except, not fat.

- NBA #1 picks since 1996:
2007: Greg Oden - Jury is still out.
2006: Andrea Bargnani - Nice player, but the beneficiary of a pretty soft class. Certainly not a guy that stands out as a #1 pick, and is currently putting up 12 and 4.
2005: Andrew Bogut - meh. 12 and 8. Solid pro, just not a guy that stands out as a #1 pick.
2004: Dwight Howard - Amazing
2003: Lebron James - Amazing. Just needs his version of Scottie Pippen
2002: Yao Ming - Great
2001: Kwame Brown - Bust
2000: Kenyon Martin - I wouldn't say bust, but I wouldn't exactly say he's lived up to the hype.
1999: Elton Brand - Amazing. How does Chicago trade him?
1998: Michael Olowakandi - Awful
1997: Tim Duncan - Hall of Fame
1996: Allen Iverson - So good, he can skip practice.

Final tally: 6 hits. 2 misses. 1 meh. 1 incomplete. 2 decent foreign whiteys. Pretty good #1 picks overall.

In comparison, let's look at football.
2007: Jamarcus Russell - TBD
2006: Mario Williams - I lean towards "meh."
2005: Alex Smith - Terrible
2004: Eli Manning - Definitely Meh.
2003: Carson Palmer - Certainly worthy
2002: David Carr - Horrible
2001: Mike Vick - Jail
2000: Courtney Brown - Who?
1999: Tim Couch - GROSS
1998: Peyton Manning - Hall of Fame Bound
1997: Orlando Pace - Worthy

Now, let's look at baseball.
2007: David Price - TBD
2006: Luke Hochevar - TBD
2005: Justin Upton - Sky rocketed to the majors this season
2004: Matt Bush - Can't say with any certainty, but I dont think it's working out so well.
2003: Delmon Young - Tampa just traded him. 2nd in Rookie of the Year Voting, though. Plenty of potential and upside. Plus, he's the Dmitri's little bro.
2002: Bryan Bullington - Huh? Who?
2001: Joe Mauer - Off to a good start, though certainly injury prone. I believe he has a batting title, which is damn good for a catcher
2000: Adrian Gonzalez - A starter
1999: Josh Hamilton - After a career derailed by drugs, finally made it to the majors last season and had a nice season as a 4th outfielder. NOT WORTHY of #1, though.
1998: Pat Burrell - Starter. Decent player, not anything to get excited about.
1997: Matt Anderson - What, who?

What's this all mean? I guess, what we've found out is that the NBA is as close as anything to getting between a productive player and a star. Football seems to be a disaster, and baseball #1 picks are pretty much as reliable as not getting blown up in Iraq.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Inside the Peach Bowl selection process

Interesting article here on ESPN on what goes into the process, the debate over BC vs. Clemson, etc.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Jim Calhoun got ejected in the UConn/Northeastern game last night. Two technicals in the 2nd half. Clearly it must have been the refs fault his team was struggling with the Huskies, and not anything to do with the players. There's no way he would coach poorly, no way he would recruit poorly, and no way his players wouldn't not respond to his berating and general douche-baggery. Clearly its the refs and clearly being an asshat on the sideline until you get tossed was the answer. This guy is a peach.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Marlins

So, after dealing the last two pieces of their 2003 World Series championship team, the Marlin payroll for 2008 is projected to be $8 million. Goodbye, M-Cab and D-Train, hello Andrew Miller, Cameron Mayben, and Mike Rabelo! How do you market this team?

"Come see the future stars of some other team! And it might rain, too!"

The following players made more during the 2007 season than the projected 8 million dollar payroll that the Marlins will employ this season (courtesy of USA Today):
Yankees: Jason Giambi, A-Rod, Jeter, Posada, Abreu, Damon, Matsui, Mussina, Pavano, Pettitte, Clemens, Rivera = 12
Red Sox: Papi, Manny, Drew, Clement (!!!!!), Lowell, Lugo, Schilling, Varitek. As a wild card, I will include Dice-K, since the Sox spent $51 million just to speak to him. Interestingly, Beckett did not make $8 million. 9 Red Sox.
Mets: Beltran, Delgado, Pedro, S. Green, Wagner = 5
Angels: Anderson, Vlad, Cabrera, Colon, Escobar = 5
White Sox: Buehrle, Contreras, Garland, Konerko, Thome, Vazquez = 6
Dodgers: Furcal, Nomar, Kent, Lowe, Schmidt = 5
Mariners: Sexson, Beltre, Ichiro, Washburn (LOL!!), Jeff Weaver (double LOL) = 5
Cubs: Lee, A. Ramirez, Soriano, Zambrano = 4
Tigers: Ordonez, Pudge, Sheffield = 3
Orioles: Tejada = 1 (it should be noted that these guys made more than 5+: Danys Baez, Kris Benson, Gibbons and Ramon Hernandez. Oy!)
Cards: Carpenter, Edmonds, Isringhausen, Pujols, Rolen = 5
Giants: Bonds, Zito, Matt Morris = 3
Phils: Burrell, Garcia, Rollins = 3
Astros: Berkman, Lee, Oswalt = 3
Braves: Hudson, A. Jones, C. Jones, Hampton (14 million), Renteria, Smoltz = 6
Blue Jays: Glaus, Burnett, Wells, Halladay = 4
A's: Kendall, Kotsay, Piazza = 3 (3 shitty players, too)
Twins: Hunter, Johan = 2
Brewers: Sheets = 1
Reds: Dunn, Griffey, Milton = 3 (seriously, eric milton)
Rangers: Millwood, Padilla, Texeira = 3
Royals: M. Sweeney = 1
Indians: Sabathia = 1
Padres: B. Giles, Maddux = 2
Rockies: Helton = 1
D Backs: R. Johnson = 1
Pirates: No one
Nationals: No one - but, Nick Johnson managed to make 5.5 million.
Devil Rays: No one

In total, the grand total of individuals who made more than the projected 2008 Marlin payroll: 97

What did I learn here? I learned there are a lot of shitty general managers in baseball who spend a ton of money on shitty players. No team spent better than the Indians and Diamondbacks last season. When your payroll is 60 million, you can't afford to have 20-30% of your payroll be dead weight.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Freshmen guard ranking

1. Eric Gordon
2. OJ Mayo
3. Derrick Rose

Rose looks very uncomfortable in a half court slow down game tonight. Mayo looks a little better. Gordon can score at will they way either of them can't either by yanking someone w/ his handle or bombing threes. Have not seen Bayless from Zona yet but his stats are bazilly.

Future Patriot

Quote of the Day

"If the Red Sox get Santana," said an executive of one NL team that's grateful to be in the other league, "they might be the best team in the history of the frigging universe."

What the quote should say is:

If the Red Sox get Santana without dealing Jacoby Ellsbury, then Theo Epstein should get a plaque in Cooperstown immediately.

According to, the Twins have asked for Jon Lester's medical records. The deal on the table is:
Lester, Coco Crisp, Justin Masterson, and Jed Lowrie for Johan.

Let's see. We would be sad to see Lester go, true. Could we survive that loss? Uh.. yea. We would be dealing Crisp, but keeping the better player in Ellsbury. And then dealing two top prospects, which... well I mean, it's Johan Santana. I hope they become superstars, much the way I hope Al Jefferson becomes a 10 time all star with the Timberwolves.

That city is great. Kevin Garnett, Papi Ortiz, Randy Moss, and now very potentially the greatest left handed pitcher in the universe.

Johan Santana, Josh Beckett, DiceK, Curt Schilling, Tim Wakefield, Clay Buchholz.

Boston 1
The World 0

Craig Smith's deal + $11 Million

Analyze these Timberwolves contributions:

Theo Ratliff
26.7 min
8.2 points
4.5 rebounds
$11,666,666 per year

Craig Smith
17.4 min
8.4 points
4.2 rebounds
$687,456 per year

Smith makes 5% or what Ratliff makes. Or take Craig's deal and add $11M. Did Ainge give him that deal? Must have been before Danny. $11 million more for 3 inches and 2 blocks a game.

Your newest Washington National

Elijah Dukes

(voicemail he left his girlfriend last year)

"Hey, dawg. It's on, dawg. You dead, dawg. I ain't even bulls-------. Your kids too, dawg. It don't even matter to me who is in the car with you. N-----, all I know is, n-----, when I see your m-----f------- a-- riding, dawg, it's on. As a matter of fact, I'm coming to your m-----f------ house."

She also says Dukes called her and told her to check her cell phone.

He sent a text message with a photo of a handgun, she said.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Strength of Schedules!

Why should you have a tough schedule? What's the point? The pollsters look at wins and losses. Please see: The Ohio State and Kansas

You can dive deeper at
But here are some facts:
- The first team in the top 15 of SOS with a non-losing record is Miss. State at 6-5.
- The BCS team with the highest SOS is Georgia at 44.
- Ironically, Missouri is 38, while the team they basically man handled on a neutral site, Kansas is 106. One Zero Six. Out of 119.

The rest of the BCS teams:
Va Tech 52
Illinois 54
LSU 57
WVU 60
USC 61
Oklahoma 66
The Ohio State 75
Kansas 106
Hawaii 119. Out of 119.

Worst OOC schedule ever

What is their S.O.S. since the Big Ten wasn't that strong either?

Here are the non-league games:

home vs Youngstown State
home vs Akron
at Washington
Kent State

What a disappointing year since you can't even be mad at Ohio State for playing this schedule, it got them in the title game as the Top Seed WITH A LOSS.

Move the Chains tonight.

What is the deal...

With NFL coaches who don't know the rules? That is inexcusable that Joe Gibbs called two timeouts in a row, forfeiting 15 yards, and giving Rian Lindell a 36 yard game winning field goal instead of a 51 yarder.

And, if you are to believe Peter "Talks out of both sides of his mouth" King, Coach Gibbs had no idea of Gregg Williams's planned tribute to Sean Taylor to play the first snap with 10 guys on the field. Wow. How is Gibbs not made aware of this?

I know they lost yesterday to the Colts, but the team that would put some thought of fear into me as a Pats fan, is the Jags. The way they control the ball and hit, they make for a good road team and a team that should be able to handle the cold/bitter January weather in New England.

P.S. - I know of the "you can't call two timeouts in a row" rule because of Madden (the video game). I've tried that maneuver before when times were desperate. Except in the world of Madden, they ignore you trying to call two time outs in a row. In real life, it costs you a playoff spot.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I got nuthin'

Quick: Name one player on Oregon State.

vs Michigan State in the Champs Sports Bowl

That's what I hear. Michigan State. Didn't know they were bowl eligible. At least if they had Jeff (C) Smoker I could have something to look forward to.

Clemson to Chik Fil A

..over BC. supposedly Swofford offered to guarantee 17,500 BC tickets sold, and offered Clemson some $ not to take the bid, but to no avail. Not sure how I feel about this. In a just world the bowls would take the teams in order. At the same time, why is the ACC commish offering to pay one school not to go in place of another. I understand the whole "traveling well" thing with schools is a catch-22 -- get picked for good bowl games and your fans will travel, but you only get picked for good bowl games IF you travel well. But should the ACC be spending $ on behalf of one school and not the other 11?


You may or may not remember that I inadvertantly started the "Scheyerface" phenomenon last year, by posting a thread on the MD pointing the idiotic faces this douche makes. Well, long story short one of the posters on the MD board was in the same hotel as Duke for the Maui Invitational. Among other things, he posted Scheyerfaces all over the hotel (in the crappers etc):

but the capper was this:

"I made a deal with my wife in advance that if we happened to run into Scheyer during our vacation, she would HAVE to take a picture of me with him as I made the face. Even though she wanted no part of it, she recognized the importance of the mission if we were given the opportunity.

So after checking out and passing krzithead in the hall, we walked out the doors to the parking lot to drive to the airport. But there was a vehicle blocking the walkway outside the door......A bus.....Dook's team bus!....and the players were just about to step off of it!

This was a thing of beauty. A perfect alignment of the stars. I got out my camera and handed it to my wife. "Oh no, oh no!" she said as she realized the task about to be dealt to her.

Then I saw Scheyer and knew what I had to do. As soon as he stepped out, I said "Jon, can I get a quick picture?"

He looked around and said, "uhhh..." trying to come up with an excuse and eventually said "OK".

Saturday, December 1, 2007

26 out of 35

26 out of 35 topics on the Maryland message board right now are re: WVU. Most of the "things more clutch than WVU....", "hide the couches," or "Rich Rod = awful gameday coach" variety.

In all seriousness, that is one of the bigger sellouts ever. Thank god.

Pretty awful if true...(#21)

Latest news out of Miami says there's been two confessions in the Sean Taylor murder, and according to Miami police "they were certainly not looking to go there and kill anyone."

Pretty awful would have been a lot easier to swallow if it was someone he screwed with or some payback for something dumb he did. By all the accounts the guy had turned his life around. Sure, his buddies are going to say that and stick up for him, but I thought it was pretty revealing over the past week how many good things "random" people had to say about him. He never talked to the press, so we never really knew anything about him. Ross Tucker, a practice squad lineman wrote short piece about him on Fox Sports. Pete Kendall, who just came to DC in August, talked about how Taylor would talk to his kids after practice, and how hard his kids were taking it. John Hall and Cory Raymer, guys who haven't even been on the team for a year or so coming back and bringing their kids to talk the team and coaches.

Guys like that who I figured he didnt associate with, or the same reporters who he refused to talk to when he was here, were barely able to keep it together.

I don't think you'd see any of this type of response if (when) it was Pacman Jones. Maybe I'm wrong. But I dont think you'd see Jason Witten saying what a good person he was. He had some legal troubles when he first came into the league, but I think its pretty safe to say he didnt have anything like this coming.

Say what you want about the U, but its been a pretty rough stretch for them....Pata, Everett, Taylor.