Monday, July 21, 2008

Coming to my city?

Evaluating the potential for ESPN College Gameday to be at the Heights on Nov 1

Clemson is the favorite in the ACC.

Boston College is the defending Atlantic Champion

All games in the series have been close and exciting.

BC could be 7-0 or 6-1 realistically. Toughest game to date on the sched is Va Tech. 2nd toughest is UNC.

Clemson could also be 7-0 or 6-1. Toughest game to date on the sched is Wake Forest. 2nd toughest is Alabama.

A few of the national big boys don’t have anything too great going on:

Ohio St is off

USC has Washington

LSU has Tulane

WVU has Connecticut

Mizzou has Baylor

Auburn has Ole Miss

Looking at the other big games across the nation, our competition:

FloridaGeorgia in JAX

TennesseeSouth Carolina


TexasTexas Tech

Oregon - Cal

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weak Hoops situation in New England

Bob Ryan did a quick segment yesterday talking about who can make the NCAA from New England. Its looking bleak. Obviously anyone could win their league tournament, but assuming no one does.

UConn, but they are not New England in any way. H-Mo's is what they are.

URI probably. In 2nd place now in the A-10.

UMass probably has the next best chance. Too inconsistent. Probably won't make it unless they nearly win out. I like their team, though.

BC isn't gonna do it. Lost too many, inlcuding a bad loss to Robert Morris.

In the America East, Maine, Vermont, UNH, Hartford and BU aren't gonna make it At Large and none are in 1st place.

Holy Cross is down from their normal place in the Patriot League. Doubtful they win the tourney.

Brown, Yale, Dartmouth, Harvard - Brown is in 2nd, but Cornell is undefeated. Brown has a lot of road games left. None should make the dance.

Sacred Heart is in 1st in the NEC. So maybe them, but they'd HAVE to win the tournament. Central Connecticut and Quinnipiac are in the middle of the pack.

Did I leave anyone out?

Monday, January 28, 2008

MVP Prop Bets

Odds to win 2008 Super Bowl XLII - MVP
Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG) 15/1
Amani Toomer (NYG) 15/1
Antonio Pierce (NYG) 45/1
Brandon Jacobs (NYG) 10/1
Corey Webster (NYG) 45/1
Eli Manning (NYG) 7/2
Gibril Wilson (NYG) 40/1
Lawrence Tynes (NYG) 20/1
Michael Strahan (NYG) 30/1
Osi Umenyiora (NYG) 30/1
Plaxico Burress (NYG) 8/1
Sam Madison (NYG) 45/1
Steve Smith (NYG) 33/1
Adalius Thomas (NE) 45/1
Asante Samuel (NE) 15/1
Benjamin Watson (NE) 30/1
Donte' Stallworth (NE) 20/1
Jabar Gaffney (NE) 20/1
Junior Seau (NE) 25/1
Kevin Faulk (NE) 12/1
Laurence Maroney (NE) 5/1
Randy Moss (NE) 4/1
Rodney Harrison (NE) 18/1
Stephen Gostkowski (NE) 25/1
Tedy Bruschi (NE) 25/1
Tom Brady (NE) 1/2
Wes Welker (NE) 5/1
Field (Any Other Player) 11/2

Taken from DOC Sports. See other prop bets here:

If I were in Charge...

I'd like to make this a new game. We'll call it, "If I were in Charge." I'm not going to set a timeline as to how often I'll run with this gimmick, but let's just say, I have some ideas.

If I were in charge...

- ... of the National Hockey League, I would have made sure the players were playing in their team jerseys and not "East" or "West" uniforms in the All Star game. The main problem here is that Joe Fan needs a lot of help in figuring out who is who. If the East is wearing their home white "club" unis, and the West is wearing the road darks, it'll work just fine. If I see a fast guy scooting down the ice wearing a Capitals jersey, I'm going to know that's Alexander Ovechkin. When they're all wearing the same uniform colors, I'm going to have to actually pay attention to who is who, and that takes a little too much focus then I'm willing to give. The league needs to identify their players better. It was basically red vs. white last night, and the goalies wore mics. Super. This is the one point in the season when more than 10 people are watching the game. And it's an all star game - maybe it's a good idea to just have them play without helmets, since no one is checking and no one is taking slap shots. That's a good idea, too, since now we can put some names to these faces.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just sayin...

They don't make tennis players like they used to...

Tonight's Australian Open:


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Youtube request

Don't want to bump Scott out of the pole position, but additional college hoops thoughts can only help the BBBQ.

Agree about the frosh. But these guys are definitely stars, whether must see TV or not. Eric Gordon is a nice baller.

Kansas is ridiculous at all positions in all phases of the game.... including the 11 th & 12th scholarship guys who are, like, talented 7 footers.

Last night Tennessee's Chris Lofton set the career record for 3-pt FG's in the SEC. Previously held by..... Arkansas' Pat Bradley... Everett's Pat Bradley. Not the LPGA golfer, either. There was never a more unlikely SEC basketball star than Pat Bradley. Everyone was shocked when he went to a school like that, shocked a school like that wanted him, and he somehow fit in. It made me bizzaro happy for the next 10 minutes having seen that name pop up on the TV screen. Reminded me of my youth.

Anyway, is there tape of the Magruder/Higgins years? Can it be posted on Youtube?

College Hoops Thoughts...

What do we know about the college hoops season, so far:

- There are obviously some elite freshmen, however, other than Michael Beasley, none of them are in Kevin Durant's stratosphere, as far as "must watch TV" goes. Even Beasley has a ways to go before we're at "we're taping Lost, and watching Beasley" status. I'm not sure exactly why, because the kid is a beast, but I don't find myself fighting to find when the next Kansas State game is on. That said, I think the fact that it was the Longhorns, a MAJOR big time college, helped that cause to get on TV all the time. I've watched O.J. Mayo a few times, and he is definitely a star, but plays "young." Derrick Rose is similar. Great player, makes mistakes that most freshmen make. And unfortunately for Eric Gordon, he plays in the Big 10, and that's just tough to watch. So no fault to E-Gor there (hahahaha, E-Gor...sounds like Igor)

- Through July, it's Kansas and everyone else. Sorry Memphis, but you have to schedule something better than one game vs. Tennessee and Gonzaga coming to your building. Doesn't Magruder, in their hey day, win 8+ games in Conference USA?

- BC sucks. No wait. They're pretty good! Hey, they won again. No, wait, they suck again.

- Ditto, Maryland!

- If you can win on the road against average teams, then you're a top 10 team in my mind. Look at Tennessee last night. They are far superior to Kentucky, and winning at Rupp is nearly impossible.

- Duke is up to their normal annoyances. Greg Paulus ranks among the worst people I've ever had the pleasure of rooting against.

- When there are two games on at the same time. And one is in High Def, and the other in regular definition. Guess what? I'm not watching the regular def. game.

- Drake wins a real tough game on the road at Creighton last night, and as far as I know, their top player was sitting out. It's been a solid 10 months for Drake - they have a Masters Champion, a top 25 basketball team, people other than my wife realize they are in Iowa, and people across the land are mentioning them in hoops blogs.

As the football season winds down, it's clear that we need something to get us through the next few months, and I'm happy that the college season is picking up steam.

P.S. - Fear the Turtle