Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Okay, this is now just silly. #6 in the coaches poll. SIX. #7 in the AP poll. I like BC as much as the next guy, but the truth is they looked terrible against UMass and looked uninspiring against Army in the past two weeks. And the three games before that they beat ACC team, which have been nothing flashy. So this ranking is definitely wrong. Teams ranked lower are clearly better than BC (Gators, for one).

But its exciting. I love it. Get on the phone and recruit your ass off, Coaching Staff of BC. Send those text messages. Mail those blue chippers photocopies of the polls. Get commitments!

And as crazy as this ranking is, its hard to go lower without losing. The Eagles are not ruled out of the BCS Title Game. People will lose. USC & Cal. When they play, someone will lose. BC could jump (#5 by default). Ohio State & Wisconsin. When they play, someone will lose. BC could jump (#4 by default). This is getting nutty right?

BC first and foremost has to take care of themselves and win games. It'd be nice if they looked impressive in the process, but wins are the big thing. Playing:
Bowling Green (3-1)
Notre Dame (0-5)
Virginia Tech (4-1)
Florida State (3-1)
Maryland (3-2)
Clemson (4-1)
Miami (4-1)

No game on that slate is un-winnable. And those records you see are not good indicators of how everyone has played. Take care of business, and 2007 could take BC to far and exotic places.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Division Champs (for once!)

So the Red Sox finally won a division. That took long enough. Yikes. Dumb Yanks had won 9 straight divisions. The O's before that. Then the Yankees again, the the Sox in 1995. We were in high school.

It was impressive to see them go wire to wire. Who does Boston play, California?

Anyway, here are some cool photos. We'll get in to the "haven't done anything yet, Belichick wouldn't have this" theme later. Who has the funnier Please? Dice-K or Papi?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here They Are!!

Week 5 Picks

So it's going to take a 5-0 week to get back over .500. Well, let's be realistic and say we'll be back over .500 in 2 weeks. We had a bit of a letdown last week, but that won't happen two weeks in a row. The trend has been: Disaster, Dominance, Dominance, Disaster. I don't have a "disaster" two weeks in a row. See, it's right there in front of your eyes.

Ok the fun starts here:

Southern Miss +11 - A Thursday night special!! On the blue turf, no less.
FSU -2.5 I was touting Alabama all week, but at second glance, I really think the FSU defense and their home turf could swing this VERY interesting game in their favor. Plus, if Bowden knows what's good for him, he'll defend the ACC's honor here.
Iowa State +21 - How do you go from beating Ball Friggin State by 1 point to being a 3 touchdown favorite against a conference foe? Iowa State much royally suck. I'll take the points.
Idaho +25 - Hawaii is getting too much respect here. But what do I know? I mean of all the games, did I just really pick Idaho? All I can tell you is that USC wasn't even close to covering a 49 point number in week 1 against Idaho, so maybe Idaho at home against the vaunted Colt Brennan led offense will keep it within 3 1/2 TDs.
Maryland +16.5 - Fridge embarrassed himself last week. And so did I with my 1-4 showing. If there's one thing I know, Fridge and I will be back with a vengenance this week.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fallout Boy

I never made the connection that the band Fallout Boy got its name from Radioactive Man's sidekick on the Simpsons.

Anyway, I give the Simpsons Episode an '8'. The band I'll give a '1'.

This is funny to me. I'm amused.

A Independents Standings
Western Kentucky---3-1
Notre Dame---0-4

College Football Week 5 - Erik's Picks

Let me stick with my Eastern familiarity, but mix up 1 ACC, 1 Big East, 1 Big Ten, 1 Independent, and 1 SEC/ACC battle.

West Virginia -7 over @South Florida
@Army -6 over Temple
Penn State -3 over @Illinois
Clemson -3 over @Georgia Tech
Alabama +2.5 over @Florida State

Note to Scott: Lets just stay away from Arkansas the rest of the way. Donkey McDonkersons.

Monday, September 24, 2007

French for "The Danian"

Not only is Tomlinson really struggling, but Michael Turner is USELESS! Tits on a bull useless. Take it from the fantasy owner of both players. So its clearly the O-line, the coaching, the playcalling, something. I think Rivers starting 15-for-15 this week might lead to a better rhythm in the passing game going forward, and that might open things up for the run.

Week 4 Results: Erik 60%, Scott 20%

Scott 8-12, Lock of the Week 2-2
Washington 31 UCLA 44 Did Not Cover
Arkansas 29 kentuck 42 Did Not Cover
NC State 20 Clemson 42 Did Not Cover
Michigan 14 Penn State 9 COVER
Boston College 37 Army 17 Did Not Cover

Erik 11-9
Clemson 42 NC State 20 COVER
Georgia Tech 23 Virginia 28 Did Not Cover
Wake Forest 31 Maryland 24 COVER
Pitt 14 UConn 34 Did Not Cover
Purdue 45 Minnesota 31 COVER by a half point, Woo!

Friday, September 21, 2007


So if I told you the Holy Cross quarterback was named Dominic Randolph, and came out of the famed St Xavier in Cincinatti, Ohio what would you think?


The longest touchdown drive the Eagles have had this season was an 11-play, 95-yard march against Georgia Tech, which consumed 4 minutes 29 seconds. It was the team's only scoring drive to last more than four minutes. In a 38-28 victory over Wake Forest in the season opener, BC had five touchdown drives that lasted 3:27, 0:08, 1:09, 2:52, and 1:47, but gobbled up 75, 38, 70, 71, and 45 yards.

-Boston Globe

To the Girl in the Front Row of Our "Birth Class" Last Night:

Thoghts on Scott's picks

Scott -
If NC State DOES beat Clemson, the ACC should officially turn in their BCS slot for 2007. Clemson is one of the few teams who can still show they have some spunk. Actually the Canes looked ok. they could be a decent team by the end of the year (just in time for the BC game, RT) but their early season record will prevent them from being highly regarded. Va Tech..... Lets figure out the QB situation before figuring out that team.

Also, if I could get an early (very early) and favorable line on Miami vs BC, I'd take Miami right now. Not because I don't believe in BC (the motto goes 'Always Believe in BC' after all), but BC has played the U almost every year since Flutie's pass and have not won. If they didnt' win last year, why would they win this year or any other year........ NOT SO FAST, Lee Corso. Tom O'Brien ain't walking through that door. And if he did, he'd be wearing a red shirt and black pants.

But back to the ACC. I know I'm from Boston, so my mind is deranged when it comes to sports, but I actually find myself looking at the upcoming BC schedule of Army, UMass, Bowling Green, and Notre Dame and telling myself, "Yeah, it's nice to be 3-0, but all 3 wins have been against ACC teams." That's a weird thing to say. Anyway, thank god the U beat A&M and Florida State beat Colorado. Back on track a little. If Duke can beat Navy and UNC can beat South Florida this weekend, I'll reinstate our BCS bid.

Harvard Nights

Harvard Stadium was built in 1903. They've been playing football in that venue since. And tomorrow marks the first ever night game at Harvard, 104 years later. Pretty cool. I happened to be in the stadium at dusk last night running stairs, and the Harvard football team came on to the field, ran some drills, then cranked up the lights for a pre-game run-through practice -- helmets & sweats. They definitely looked like they were having fun. I was jealous.

Here's a few photos of the Stadium:

Old School

Modern, with field turf

Scott's Week 4 Picks

Erik: 8-7
Scott: 7-8, 2-1 Lock of the Week

Will the furious comeback continue? Looking at this week's slate of the games, and the resounding answer is: YES. I'm calling a 4-1 week at the very least and overtaking Mr. College Sports in the Battle of the BBBQ. Don't forget, the extra B is for BYOBB.

Anyway, on to the games:

Washington +6 @ UCLA. I'm not laying 6 points on this garbage Bruins team that absolute S'd the bed last week. Talk to our friend Debo about what he thinks of the Bruins.

Arkansas -6.5 vs. Kentucky. LOCK OF THE WEEK. After a furious comeback in Tuscaloosa, the Razorbacks fell just short of one of the great comebacks of this century. Meanwhile, Kentucky is coming off their first win over a top 25 team in a bazillion years. The only problem is, they beat Louisville a team with absolutely zero defense, in a rivalry game no less. I love Arkansas here, and McFadden runs wild.

NC State +7 vs. Clemson. I'll reluctantly take the home dog here. Tom O'Brien desperately needs a win (and a division win) to get those wacky Wolfpack fans off his back. I doubt they'll win, but they should cover the number.

Michigan +2.5 vs. Penn State. Wow, hasn't Michigan won this game like 8 times in a row? Lose to App State, and get slaughtered by Oregon? What's going on here? Well, they got just what the doctor ordered last week, facing college football's version of the Devil Rays, Notre Dame. The offense clicked, the defense is feeling good about themselves, and the fans will be rabid on Saturday.

BC -27 vs. Army. The Eagles are covering this number with about 10 minutes to go in the second quarter.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

College Football Week 4 - Erik's Picks

Taking the favorites this week. Lots of thoughts on SEC games (all the dogs), but I'm staying away from making them official picks. Those games can be as tricky as the NFL.

Clemson -7.5 over @NC State
Georgia Tech -3.5 over @ Virginia
@Wake Forest -3 over Maryland (sorry fellas)
@Pitt -9.5 over UConn
Purdue -13.5 over @Minnesota

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Draft prediction

Brian Brohm to the Falcons. 1st round. Mark it down.

Week 3 Results (OH YEAAAAA!)

Scott's picks:
Florida -7.5 vs. Tenn. - WIN

Michigan -7.5 vs. Notre Dame - WIN

The Ohio State -4 at Washington - WIN

Kentucky vs. Louisville Over 77. Why not! LOSS BARELY

USC -9.5 at Nebraska - Nebraska should have lost last week at Wake. USC, coming off an early bye week is ready to show the nation what they are all about. They win big. This is my LOCK OF THE WEEK - BIG FAT WIN.

4-1 on the week, 1-0 on my lock. That makes me 7-8 now on the season, after a very impressive 7-3 run in my last 10. 2-1 Lock of the Week.

Erik's picks:

Ohio State -4 over Washington WIN

Illinois -12.5 over Syracuse WIN

Auburn -12.5 over Miss St LOSS

Arkansas +3 over Alabama LOSS

Northwestern -16.5 over Duke LOSS

Erik went 2-3, making him 8-7 on the season. Things are a little bit tighter now after week 3.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Additional, unofficial thoughts:

Additional, unofficial thoughts:

I like Arkansas to win outright. Not sure what the money line is.
I also like USC, Kentucky, Michigan.
Like Wake -19 over Army.
Unfortunately, I might take GT -6 over BC. They're at home, they can run, and BC lost Nick Larkin last week.

College Football Week 3 - Erik's Picks

Not only do I like Illinois and Northwestern, I'll be in Chicago this weekend so I'll probably get to see the games on TV. "Giving" Scott the USC pick and not taking it myself. He needs the help. I'm up for the challenge.

Ohio State -4 over Washington

Illinois -12.5 over Syracuse

Auburn -12.5 over Miss St

Arkansas +3 over Alabama

Northwestern -16.5 over Duke

Scott's Week 3 Picks

Season: 3-7 Lock of the Week: 1-1

Ok, here goes. No long write ups this time.

Florida -7.5 vs. Tenn. - They went into Knoxville last year and won, and I expect they hold their home turf and win by 10-12 points Saturday.

Michigan -7.5 vs. Notre Dame - This is this weeks version of Buffalo-Temple. Notre Dame is dreadful. Michigan finally wins one.

The Ohio State -4 at Washington - This is a very intriguing game. I'm wishy washy on this game, as I think it's tough to win on the road, but tOSU could win this 17-6.

Kentucky vs. Louisville Over 77. Why not!

USC -9.5 at Nebraska - Nebraska should have lost last week at Wake. USC, coming off an early bye week is ready to show the nation what they are all about. They win big. This is my LOCK OF THE WEEK

Kick in the Blazer

Season tickets I'm glad I didn't buy: Portland Trailblazers

Monday, September 10, 2007

Erik's Thoughts

Georgia Tech looks tough. By early season performances, BC and GT looks like the only two teams in the ACC that have come to play this year (and MAYBE Clemson). That should make for Saturday night at Bobby Dodd being one of the biggest games of the season.

Not sure if BC can keep sustaining losses on defense and continue its production. The Toal Redshirt, Raji ineligible, and now Nick Larkin getting hurt. 3 major pieces of the puzzle, Nick being the most underrated of the bunch.

The Big East keeps plugging. Who wins at Auburn? Seriously, who does that? And would you rate USF as the 2nd best college football team in the state of Florida right now? I would. Banny and Menschel (and Chuck Shwartz - a real Mench) should get season tickets.
1. Gators 2. Bulls 3. Noles 4. Canes 5. Knights 6. Owls 7. Golden Panthers

All-Time College Football Wins:
1. Michigan 860
2. Notre Dame 821
The top 2 programs in history are both 0-2. This is the first time EVER that both programs sat at 0-2 at the same time. Michigan has been playing since 1878 and ND since 1887. This is fairly monumental. And since they go head-to-head this weekend, one of them will be 0-3. Go BLUE!

2004 - wasn't really that long ago. Well, back in 2004 there was no way in hell Joe Paterno would ever turn the tables to catch Bobby Bowden. The race was over. FSU was rattling off 9- & 10-win seasons. PSU was putting up 3- & 4-win seasons. Well as it stands now, Paterno is only 2 behind Bowden (365 / 367) and has a better team and a favorable schedule (Buffalo, temple, Indiana.... Michigan). FSU doesn't look good and they have to play Florida, Colorado, and Alabama on top of the ACC slate. Wow. Joe Paterno is going to overtake Bobby Bowden once again.

Something to think about - Syracuse fired Paul Pasqualoni and hired Greg Robinson in an effort to get better. This move could not have had a more opposite effect.

I was able to catch Fresno/A&M triple overtime and Auburn/USF overtime games on TV saturday. It goes without saying I'm very happy college football is back.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Erik 80%, Scott 60%

Week 2 was a little better. Scott squeaked out the Gators to be on the winnign side. Erik had the kind of week where you wish you actually bet the games and not just post the picks on a blog with with a readership of 4. If only we had known someone in Vegas this weekend..... Wait? (Yes, I'm retarded for not sending along some picks.)

Scott 3-7-0, Locks of the Week 1-1-0
Florida 59 - Troy 31 COVER
Nebraska 20 - Wake Forest 17 COVER
Penn State 31 - Notre Damee 10 Did Not Cover
LSU 48 - Virginia Tech 7 Did Not Cover
BC 37 - NC State 17 COVER

Erik 6-4-0
Nebraska 20 - Wake Forest 17 Did Not Cover
Alabama 24 - Vanderbilt 10 COVER
Washington 24 - Boise St 10 COVER
Iowa 35 - Syracuse 0 COVER
LSU 48 - Virginia Tech 7 COVER

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sox Lineups - Bury JD please

Both of these are great batting orders. Notice JD is way down low. This would result in more wins. I do like Coco up higher. Anyway, vote on your favorite of these two, or say the current lineup is correct:




Looking Out for Red Shirts

Only a few NCSU fans out in Fanueil Hall right now. That is usually a good indicator of a crowd. For example, Clemson was the best visitng crowd ever, everyone wore orange to the game and in the city on Friday. If you were in Boston, you KNEW they were there too. Florida State was really good in 2005, too. They completely took over McFaddens and had numerous tomahawk chop chants. Banny was ever so happy to join in...... Dink. Scott and I were ordering drinks from the bartender, and we could see some guy and girl, through the windows, making out on the sidewalk. We pointed it out to the bartender, she tapped on the glass, and without a beat the guy making out looks up and does a tomahawk chop at the bar patrons!!! Amazing reaction. Its fun when a good opponent crowd invades, it makes the game feel like an event and not just a page 9 story behind 3 pages of Red Sox, 2 pages of golf/miscellaneous, and 4 pages of Patriots coverage.

As for the Wolfpack.... I'm sure they'll get drunk and rowdy and make some noise, but I'm not sure about their numbers. Might be a home field advantage after all.

Scott's Picks of the Week

Man, it's been a hectic week. I'm sure our readership of 3 assumes I'm in hiding after my 0-5 performance last week. However, I am here to tell you that it is quite the opposite. I'm rejuvenated, and I have seen the light. We've got some ground to make up, and we're going to start right here, right now. The road to victory begins with this slate of games:

BC -14 NC State. This game is a joke. Matt Ryan throws for 400+ against this sorry Wolfpack squad. This is my Lock of the Week.

Virginia Tech +11 1/2. So VT struggled in their home opener and embarrassed me by losing my week 1 lock. And I'm supporting them again this week? Against a team that is coming off a 45-0 thumping of Mississippi State? Okay, friends, here's the reason why I stick with VT this weekend. If you watched that LSU game, they pulled away in the second half. MSU was over matched, and got worn down. VT will not get run over and pushed around by LSU. Plus, I don't see the LSU passing game doing anything here either. VT covers.

Notre Dame +18 - Everyone hates the Irish. They suck. But Penn State isn't explosive enough to be laying 18 to Notre Dame. I'm taking the points here. Jimmy "Erik's Boy" Clausen makes his debut and makes a few things happen in this game, allowing douchebags across the country to unite in celebration.

Wake Forest +8 1/2. Riley Skinner is out of this game. However, it's the home opener for the defending ACC champions, and once again I think Nebraska is laying too many in a rather tough road game.

Florida -26 1/2. I don't even know where Troy State is located. I'll take the Sons of Urban in a route.

note: I want to mention that the nuttiest thing on this weekends lines is that the over/under in the Hawaii-Louisiana Tech game is 76.5. That's a ridiculous total!

YTD: 0-5. Lock of the week: 0-1
(stick with me, it turns around tomorrow)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Vincent Brown can dance


College Football Week 2 - Erik's Picks

You and I both know I'm CRAZY for not including Michigan over the Ducks in my five. Loco. At least I know this now on Wed.

Nebraska (-8) over Wake Forest
Alabama (-3.5) over Vanderbilt
Washington (+3.5) over Boise State
Iowa (-22) over Syracuse
LSU (-13) over Virginia Tech

Monday, September 3, 2007

Scott 0%, Erik 40%

Scott 0-5-0, Locks of the Week 0-1-0
VT 17 - ECU 7 Did Not Cover
Syr 12 - Wash 42 Did Not Cover
WFU 28 - BC 38 Did Not Cover
USC 38 - Idaho 10 Did Not Cover
Texas 21 - Arkansas St 13 Did Not Cover

Erik 2-3-0
Mizzou 40 - Illini 34 COVER
WVU 62 - W.Mich 24 COVER
Auburn 23 - K.State 13 Did Not Cover
Tenn 31 - Cal 45 Did Not Cover
UVA 3 - Wyoming 23 Did Not Cover

Bobby's Halftime Observations

Bobby Bowden: Its offense, and its defense. They're blocking, we're not blocking. They're tackling, we're not tackling. If we can turn.... that around, we'd probably be ahead.

Bill X The Man: This man is a senior citizen.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Don't worry Erik!

Josh Portis is ineligible too!! Yes the word spread through the stands after a call from Higgo, that Portis has been suspended for the year by the Fridge for an academic violation. Jordan Steffy had won the starting job so this isnt' as big as BJ Raji, but apparently this happened in summer school and was under appeal, so clearly Fridge knew about it while judging the QB competition

In other news, nice opening day ACC! Dreadful!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

This in unbelievable

I go to bed knowing Rodney Harrison is suspended for 4 games for using HGH. I wake up to learn BJ Raji is academically ineligible. BJ is BC's best defensive player, and based on watching Wake Forest slice through our defense with flanker motion sweeps for 4 straight years, I'd say Raji was BC's most important player going in to today's game with the Deacs.

It is uncertain if Raji can be made eligible at some point this season, but it won't be for today's game. What a kick to the stones right before the season opener.