Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Youtube request

Don't want to bump Scott out of the pole position, but additional college hoops thoughts can only help the BBBQ.

Agree about the frosh. But these guys are definitely stars, whether must see TV or not. Eric Gordon is a nice baller.

Kansas is ridiculous at all positions in all phases of the game.... including the 11 th & 12th scholarship guys who are, like, talented 7 footers.

Last night Tennessee's Chris Lofton set the career record for 3-pt FG's in the SEC. Previously held by..... Arkansas' Pat Bradley... Everett's Pat Bradley. Not the LPGA golfer, either. There was never a more unlikely SEC basketball star than Pat Bradley. Everyone was shocked when he went to a school like that, shocked a school like that wanted him, and he somehow fit in. It made me bizzaro happy for the next 10 minutes having seen that name pop up on the TV screen. Reminded me of my youth.

Anyway, is there tape of the Magruder/Higgins years? Can it be posted on Youtube?

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