Wednesday, January 23, 2008

College Hoops Thoughts...

What do we know about the college hoops season, so far:

- There are obviously some elite freshmen, however, other than Michael Beasley, none of them are in Kevin Durant's stratosphere, as far as "must watch TV" goes. Even Beasley has a ways to go before we're at "we're taping Lost, and watching Beasley" status. I'm not sure exactly why, because the kid is a beast, but I don't find myself fighting to find when the next Kansas State game is on. That said, I think the fact that it was the Longhorns, a MAJOR big time college, helped that cause to get on TV all the time. I've watched O.J. Mayo a few times, and he is definitely a star, but plays "young." Derrick Rose is similar. Great player, makes mistakes that most freshmen make. And unfortunately for Eric Gordon, he plays in the Big 10, and that's just tough to watch. So no fault to E-Gor there (hahahaha, E-Gor...sounds like Igor)

- Through July, it's Kansas and everyone else. Sorry Memphis, but you have to schedule something better than one game vs. Tennessee and Gonzaga coming to your building. Doesn't Magruder, in their hey day, win 8+ games in Conference USA?

- BC sucks. No wait. They're pretty good! Hey, they won again. No, wait, they suck again.

- Ditto, Maryland!

- If you can win on the road against average teams, then you're a top 10 team in my mind. Look at Tennessee last night. They are far superior to Kentucky, and winning at Rupp is nearly impossible.

- Duke is up to their normal annoyances. Greg Paulus ranks among the worst people I've ever had the pleasure of rooting against.

- When there are two games on at the same time. And one is in High Def, and the other in regular definition. Guess what? I'm not watching the regular def. game.

- Drake wins a real tough game on the road at Creighton last night, and as far as I know, their top player was sitting out. It's been a solid 10 months for Drake - they have a Masters Champion, a top 25 basketball team, people other than my wife realize they are in Iowa, and people across the land are mentioning them in hoops blogs.

As the football season winds down, it's clear that we need something to get us through the next few months, and I'm happy that the college season is picking up steam.

P.S. - Fear the Turtle

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Erik said...

Paulus is a bad human. He stinks at humanity.